GFI LanGuard Pricing

GFI Languard is licenced on a per-node yearly subscription basis. See below for details of what counts as a node.

GFI LanGuard Pricing

Per Node Pricing for GFI LanGuard (excludes vat)
Subscription Length10 - 49 Nodes50 - 249 Nodes250 + Nodes
1 Year£22.13£9.65£6.81
2 Years£44.25£19.29£13.61
3 Years£66.38£28.94£20.42

GFI LanGuard Configurator

Type of Purchase
Subscription Length

Subscription Renewal: GFI LanGuard with 10 nodes for 1 year.

£221.30 (ex vat)

Node Pricing Tiers

Pricing tiers take effect on a volume tier model - that is the price per node is decided by the number of nodes, and that price is charged across the board, rather than just on the quantity that fall into that tier. This can mean that if you are close to an upper bound on your tier, it can be cheaper to purchase additional nodes to get into the tier above.

When you renew an existing subscription, you can freely choose the number of nodes that you wish to do so for. There is no additional cost/saving compared to if your licence was for the new size already. Just input the current quantity and use the adjustment box to specify a positive or negative number. You will renew your subscription for the new number of nodes.

An adjustment of nodes on a renewal becomes (or ceases to be) available at the next renewal date. If you need the additional nodes to take effect immediately, you will need to use the Add Nodes option as a separate line item.

If you need to add more nodes during a renewal period, this is done for the period up until the renewal date, with pricing done on a pro-rata basis over 3 month blocks - ie if you are within 3 months of your renewal date you pay 25% of the yearly cost, between 3 - 6 months its 50%, etc.

The pricing tier that is applied to a purchase is decided by the number of nodes on the purchase, rather than the total number on the actual subscription. In most cases these are the same, but in the case of adding additional nodes between renewal dates, it means the tier is decided by the quantity being added, not the total. This means that for larger subscriptions, it can be a significantly cheaper to increase the number of nodes at renewal time, when you can renew the whole subscription for the higher quantity. However when done this way, the additions will not be available for use until after the renewal date.

You are always very welcome to contact us with your requirements, and we will price up a quote for you.

What is and what is not a Node?

For the purposes of a GFI LanGuard subscription, a node is defined as a device with an active/assigned IP address. The IP address, MAC address, and hostname are used to identify each node. A computer is counted towards the license when either:

  1. A machine is scanned.
  2. An agent is deployed to a machine.
  3. A scan for a machine is imported from XML.

If two out of the three identification methods match, it is considered the same device and will not consume any additional licenses.

The first action above is performing an actual GFI LanGuard scanning towards a target computer. This means that a simple network discovery will not affect the license count. It is a Windows setting that affects whether your computer can see (find) other computers and devices on the network and whether other computers on the network can see your computer, and does not imply that each new machine that is discovered is using the license. It only adds the new computers to the dashboard.