GFI Archiver

Archive your emails, calendar, faxes and files with tamper-proof security

GFI Archiver is a robust and comprehensive software solution designed to securely store and manage your business's electronic communications. With GFI Archiver, you can archive a range of data types including emails, attachments, files, calendar entries, and even faxes, all in a single, centralised location. This all-encompassing software not only helps businesses maintain compliance but also significantly improves email performance, ultimately reducing costs.

Exceptional Features of GFI Archiver

GFI Archiver stands out with its array of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses:

  • Secure, Central Storage: GFI Archiver ensures all your electronic communications are securely archived in a tamper-proof store. This aids with compliance, e-discovery and facilitates internal investigations.
  • Advanced Search: Never lose track of your data with GFI Archiver's advanced search functionality. Build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient, and keywords, or use exclusion parameters for more targeted searches.
  • Remote Access: Access your email history and business-critical documents from anywhere. GFI Archiver allows users to view the archive using any IMAP-enabled device, such as an iPhone, iPad or Android, or through a web interface.
  • Calendar Archiving: Store and track calendar entries and meeting information seamlessly. Calendar entries can be accessed from the calendar view or on a mobile device via the IMAP server.
  • File Sharing and Versioning: The File Archiving Assistant feature allows users to work on shared documents without the need for third-party storage, archiving every file change and creating an accessible file history.
  • Compliance and eDiscovery: GFI Archiver supports compliance standards by archiving digital communications in a secure store. The software includes audit-trail functionality for monitoring database and user activity, and its search features enable quick data retrieval for eDiscovery or data requests.
  • Business Intelligence Reports: With MailInsights, a reporting tool included in GFI Archiver, you can extract data and insights from your email archive. Gain insights into email usage and misuse, legal risks, productivity issues, trends, and more.
  • Flexible Archiving Options: GFI Archiver offers flexible archiving options to suit your business's unique needs. The solution can archive data automatically using the journaling feature or by specific criteria with rule-based archiving. Manual archiving lets users decide which emails they want to archive.
  • Efficient, Flexible Storage: GFI Archiver lets you define the roll-over period for each archive store and when to roll over to a new store. The solution is scalable, accommodating the needs of both mid-sized organizations with low email volumes and larger organizations.
  • Administrative Tools: Streamline the setup and configuration process with GFI Archiver's administrative tools. If your organization uses virtualized networks, you can install and integrate a range of GFI products.
  • Fax Integration: Integrate GFI Archiver with GFI FaxMaker to archive faxes and text messages along with emails. This consolidation makes your electronic communications history more accessible and manageable.

The Benefits of GFI Archiver?

GFI Archiver isn't just an archiving tool - it's a powerful software solution that brings numerous benefits to businesses:

  • Improved Email Performance: By archiving electronic communications separately from applications, GFI Archiver significantly improves email performance, enhancing your overall productivity.
  • Cost Reduction: The software reduces costs by employing single-instance storage (SIS), storing one copy of a multi-recipient email instead of multiple copies, and compressing (and decompressing) email attachments to optimise use of your storage resources.
  • Compliance and Auditing: GFI Archiver provides a tamper-proof store for your electronic communications history, making compliance, e-discovery, and internal investigations straightforward and manageable.
  • Fast Data Retrieval: With GFI Archiver, accessing your email history and files is quick and easy, whether you're on a desktop or mobile device.


GFI Archiver has helped numerous businesses streamline their electronic communications management. Here's what some satisfied customers have to say:

When called upon for an HR need, or an audit requirement, the time spent finding the information we need is drastically reduced using the product.Rob McQueen, Redding Bank of Commerce
When companies rely on things like legal hold for lawsuits, the ability to quickly find mail from employees is a major benefit.Bruce Naylor, FrugalBrothers Software
Installing GFI Archiver meant a reduction in disk space used plus there was no need to upgrade disks in servers.Brian Beckett, Robert Scott & Sons Limited
GFI on more than one account has become a very beneficial tool in the daily madness of email data mining.David Ospital, ConSol

Why Choose GFI Archiver?

In today's digital age, managing electronic communications effectively is critical for every business. GFI Archiver offers a robust, reliable, and comprehensive solution to help businesses stay on top of their electronic communications, achieve compliance, and improve productivity. With its extensive features, GFI Archiver is more than just an archiving tool - it's a complete solution that can significantly enhance your business's communications management.

Download your free trial and experience

  • Archiving email, calendar and files securely
  • Minimizing exposure with legal compliance archiving
  • Mining your archive to identify opportunities or risks
  • Collaborating on files in a secure, searchable system that's not 3rd party

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